We all wear clothes differently as we like them and it depends on us that how we want to wear them. All have their different choices in wearing clothes because not everyone likes everyone’s choices. There are always differences in the choices of clothes of one’s choice and it always remains but sometimes some people or some trends change the ways as we wear them and what they change; is how we wear them and that difference that everyone likes and everyone likes to have; is a different style and that different style is fashion. This word is everywhere and you find it wherever you go. It always follows you and mostly you always like to follow it.  You have all this world and their streets, lanes and boulevards cover with it with different names of fashion or you can call them brands of clothes. We wear them whatever and whichever we like or sometimes create our own that sometimes only we like or sometimes everyone is going to like.

Every part of a human body is covered with this word, fashion. Whatever and whichever you wear whether wear in hands, on legs, on feet or on a face or an eye and in an ear, whether in teeth or in a nose or on a whole body, just wear it differently, nicely and in a style and becomes a fashion.

Elite socks



Nowadays everything is changing whether it is about eating, drinking, or most talked about wearing. We are having differences everywhere and the most we see is in clothes that we wear. Some people wear normal, some more than normal, some wear more stylized, whatever you wear or in or on wherever you wear, is fashion.  It cannot be described perfectly because there are always different definitions come and are formed. People are now more conscious about the way how something should be worn. They pay very deep attention on topics that are related to fashion or that tells about something unique in it. Now everything about wearing has become more liberated and free.

There are no any bounds and limitations as previous were in dressing. Now you can do whatever you want to do with it whether it is about a piece of cloth that you want it to wear in your hand or in a leg. It is like you can wear your socks in your hands. So it is not always like socks can only be worn in legs, now they can be in hands too or any part of your body in which you want it to be, only it just be in style, not like you wear your socks on an ear and it is hanging like a leech, then it would be an awkward thing to do. For that purpose many of them offers Customize elite socks .  So fashion is more about how you wear or make something a style. It is more about how something looks like if you wear a piece of cloth or attach it on any part of your body, it just be like people get around you when they see you, not like get away.